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What Wedding Signs Do I Need? From Must-Haves to Just-for-Fun

Planning a wedding and asking yourself do I reeeeally need any signs? I'm sure people will just be able to figure out where everything is.. right?

Well, yes... and no.

Signs are a small, but significant detail at any event, but especially weddings! Placing a sign is the equivalent as a human standing there verbalizing the same information. But now poor cousin Sam doesn't have to stand there while everyone else is enjoying cocktails.

In this article, I've categorized some common wedding signs, and how important they really are to the whole celebration.

MUST HAVE. To Prevent Logistical Catastrophes

Welcome Sign

This sign lets guests know immediately they're in the right place, and at the correct entrance. Helps prevent confused guests from walking around the building several times, and can deter non-wedding guests from accidentally crashing your event!

Seating Chart

The guest list and table seats. People need a quick and easy way to find their seats. So your carefully crafted timeline of toasts and dancing doesn't get delayed.

Table Names/Numbers

Similar to the seating chart, guests need to quickly find their designated spot with well-marked table indications. Dilly-dallying guests can drag out the reception timeline and spill into the drinking and dancing time!

Unplugged Ceremony Sign

This sign gently requests guests to not use their phones to take pictures during the ceremony. To please enjoy the present moment, and stay unplugged from their devices.

Reason being: the hired wedding photographers, and their very expensive and professional cameras are capturing these, literally, once-in-a-lifetime emotions and faces. And let's be honest, having 20 phones blocking everyone's smiles isn't what any couple wants from their wedding photos.

NICE TO HAVE. For a Smoother Experience

Wedding Timeline

An itinerary of the wedding's activities. This sign is helpful have so guests can have a heads up of the things they don't want to miss. They can gauge if there's enough time to run to the restroom, or if there's a gap of time to wander around the beautiful venue you picked!

Reserved Row

A subtle way to let people know the VIPs need this seat! We don't want to make things awkward by shuffling guests to the back after everyone's walked down the aisle.

Directional: To Restrooms, Cocktails, Ceremony, Reception, etc.

Depending on the wedding venue, directional signs can be very helpful so no one is wandering lost and misses the toasts!

Bar Menu

Beer & wine only, selected liquors, or open bar. There are so many wedding beverage options out there. Optimize the bar line, and let your guests decide before getting to the front. Leave more time for dancing, and less time waiting in line!

JUST FOR FUN. An Extra Touch of Detail

Couple’s Fun Facts Signs

Whimsically place these signs around the venue so guests can be randomly entertained throughout the night.

Wedding Hashtag

Don't miss the photos everyone else took on your special day. Create a wedding hashtag and make sure your guests know about it by having several of these signs around the reception hall!

Here Comes the Bride Sign

An extra detail during the processional to give everyone a heads up to stand up!

Want a full list of wedding signage ideas? Download our FREE ultimate wedding signage list here!

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