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Hi there, I’m Pamela! An event professional turned full-time calligrapher, based in New York City.
My calligraphy journey started when I saw some calligraphy images on Instagram. And right away, I knew I wanted to learn THAT. 10 years and dozens of bottles of inks later, calligraphy is still my obsession and love.

To me, calligraphy is an elegant craft that takes years to master. Many hours are spent developing muscle memory to effortlessly draw a perfect oval. Many more hours are spent improving the stroke of every letter, so the final piece is cohesive... yet imperfectly human.

Every pen stroke or ink swell is something no machine can replicate. And in this fast-paced world of immediate gratification, I think there’s incredible satisfaction in creating beauty with your own two hands.

Why Work With Me?

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  • As a previous event professional in Manhattan, I've worked with Fortune 500 companies to C-suite executives. I’m an expert at adapting to the ever-changing logistics of corporate events and wedding planning.

  • I’ve worked behind the scenes at countless events, and can manage the highs and lows of people traffic while still providing top notch customer service for every single guest.

  • I am obsessive over small details (it’s a gift and a curse!). Mindful intention is put into every pen stroke. No letter is ever “just scribbled on”.

  • ​Calligraphy is actually a lot of MATH (yes, numbers + calculations). Think perfectly spaced messages on a fragrance bottle or a flawlessly centered place card. I’ve done these calculations numerous times, so there’s no wasted time or supplies.

Photography on this page by Adeline Artistry

If you're ready to create stunning calligraphy pieces, I'd love to hear from you!

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