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A selection of previous works on various mediums and surfaces.


Place cards for NYC Wedding


Handwritten Calligraphy Notecards


Rosé Bottle Dinner Invitations


Liquor Engraving for Groom

Spot Calligraphy for a Wedding Invitation Suite


Place cards for Corporate Event


Engraved Chanel Lipsticks


Handwritten Notecards


Stone Place cards


Wedding Invitations Inner Envelopes


Custom Designed and Personalized Menus


Personalized Notebooks


Engraved Cologne for Groomsmen


Personalized Champagne Bottle


Place cards


Flourished Envelopes


Place cards


Amazon Influencer Event


Place cards


Bride and Groom Place Cards


Personalized Notebooks


Victoria's Secret Engraving


Custom Tequlia Engraving


Maid of Honor Fragrance Engraving


Wedding Place cards


Classic Black and White Place cards


Shampoo Bottle Engraving


Compact Mirror Engraving at Bloomingdale's

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