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How Do I Add More Personality to My Wedding Day?

It's YOUR wedding day. Your favorite friends and family will all be there, but why does this one-of-a-kind celebration feel so cookie cutter? In this article, I'll give you some creative signage ideas to make your wedding day more YOU.

Couple's Fun Facts Signs

Whimsically entertain guests throughout the night by placing fun facts about you and your fiancee around the venue. Any wedding guest list will inevitably have people from your ride-or-die besties to those plus ones you've never laid eyes on before. So why not give everyone a creative way to get to know the bride and groom, especially when the happy couple is being pulled in 10 different directions that day.

Sprinkle these fun tidbits around so guests can be unexpectedly entertained at the cards & gifts table, cocktail reception, or even in the restroom! Place one at the bar to provide some chuckles and talking points while guests wait in line for their drink!

Extra fun tip: number your fun fact signs so guests can make an effort to find them all!

Table Names not Numbers

Everyone knows what table numbers are for. It's a simple and effective multi-lingual way for guests to find their reception seat. But why not add more of your unique personality? You and your fiancee are one-of-a-kind with experiences special to you. Consider sharing your favorite hobbies and interests with fun table names. Pick a theme close to your heart and brainstorm from there!

Check out some inspo ideas below!

  • The ultimate Lord of the Rings fan? Name your tables with places from Middle Earth.

  • Love National Parks? Name all the parks you've been too with your partner.

  • Play a sport together? Pick words from your shared athletic terminology. I'm sure your teammate guests will especially appreciate this one!

Signature Beverages

What are your favorite beverages on a daily basis? Think about your go-to happy hour drink, but add a twist to the name! Instead of regular his & her's cocktails, incorporate your names or local landmarks for a punny variation.

And I'm not just talking about alcoholic beverages! Many individuals do not consume alcohol for various reasons, and we don't want to exclude them from the fun either! If you're having a dry or morning wedding, consider featuring a coffee or boba drink!

Illustrations & Symbols

All cultures have certain symbols and illustrations that represent weddings, union, or the bride and groom. Incorporate your heritage by including these symbols on your welcome signs, table name signs, or dessert menus.

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