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Sakura Inked is a calligraphy studio based in New York City. We specialize in live event activations for luxury brands, calligraphy on paper goods, and engraving.

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The hand behind the words. I have a passion for handmade things, and an obsession with lettering.

I find calligraphy is the perfect combination of meditative relaxation and a creative challenge.

Calligraphy Craftsmanship

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Craftsmanship: the skilled design & work displayed in something made by hand.
Calligraphy is a timeless craft attempting perfection in letterforms. It looks flawless from afar, but upon a closer look, welcomes you to pause & observe handwritten imperfections a moment longer.
In this fast-paced & digital world of immediate satisfaction, I think there's unparalleled beauty & worthwhile effort to create with one’s bare hands.
Join me on this adventure of calligraphy craftsmanship, let’s see what we can make together with some ink and creativity!

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