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Create a personal connection with every guest who walks in

Hi! I’m Pamela, and I can make your next brand activation unforgettable with live calligraphy personalizations.

Have a name or short message written on a branded gift for guests to bring home. Popular items can include gift boxes, seasonal cards, bottles, or employee gifts.

As a previous event planner for Fortune 500 companies, I’m an expert at client interactions and adapting to event curveballs.

Consider hiring a live calligrapher for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, NY Fashion Week events, or other seasonal sale periods!

I love working with PR teams or luxury stores to elevate their next brand activation or product promotion!


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Chinese Lunar New Year Red Envelope Personalization.jpg

Year of the Tiger Red Envelopes

Live Onsite Calligraphy Red Envelope Personalization.jpg

Lunar New Year Red Envelopes

Live Onsite Calligraphy Event Gift Box Personalization.jpg

Gift Box Customization

Calligraphy Personalization Tote Bag.jpg

Tote Bags

Live Calligraphy Pencil Pouch.jpg

Pencil Pouch Customization

Tote Bag Personalization Live Calligraphy.jpg

Custom Quote

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