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Elevate your special day with calligraphy signage! I'd love to work with you to create flourished pieces that wow guests at every corner. I specialize in bridging traditional calligraphy flourishing into a modern setting. 

Taking signage inquiries for 2022 weddings!

chinese wedding dessert menu acrylic sign.jpg
Dragon Phoenix Wedding custom acrylic sign.jpg
chinese wedding signature boba acrylic menu.jpg
custom wedding sign gold frosted acrylic.jpg

Dragon & Phoenix Welcome Sign

Gold Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign

Signature Boba Sign

custom wedding cards and gifts sign.jpg

Cards & Gift Sign

custom mirror seating chart calligraphy.jpg

Gold Mirror Seating Chart

chinese wedding seating chart hanging acrylic.jpg

Chinese Lantern Seating Chart

wedding table number gold frosted acrylic.jpg

Frosted Acrylic Table Number

chinese wedding phoenix acrylic table number.jpg

Phoenix Table Number

chinese wedding dragon acrylic table number.jpg

Dragon Table Number

Wedding Dessert Menu acrylic sign.jpg

Dessert Menu

chinese wedding dessert menu acrylic sign.jpg

Illustrated Dessert Menu

Website_Section_Flourish copy.jpg